The Benefits of Using Real Wood in your Kitchen Cabinets

While most advancements in technology lead to exciting innovations, others result in poorer-quality products. When it comes to kitchen cabinets, manufacturing innovations have led to an overabundance of low-quality, poorly made products.

While real wood kitchen cabinets are more expensive, the investment in materials makes your kitchen feel more luxurious. The benefits don’t stop there:

  1. Wood Cabinets are more Durable

Solid wooden materials are more resilient to wear and tear over time. Compared to cheaper plywood cabinets, solid wood is better at repelling damage from moisture.

  1. Solid Wood Offers Return on your Investment

Real wood cabinets are more luxurious and are often a selling point when selling your home because they are considered a timeless choice.

  1. Real Wood is the Sustainable Option

Contrary to popular belief, real wood is actually more sustainable than alternative materials. For instance, plywood, particle boards, and MDF boards require additional manufacturing processes and substances like glue, wax, and resin that increase their carbon footprint. Therefore, the greenest option is real wood.

If you’re looking for quality kitchen cabinets, we’d love to connect and learn more about your remodel plans!

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