How to Style Glass-Front Cabinets in your Kitchen Remodel

Glass-front cabinets are a welcome addition to any kitchen remodel. They help break up the monotony of repetitive solid cabinets while adding both form and functionality to the kitchen.

Many interior designers have incorporated glass-front cabinets in recent years because they create depth and make kitchens appear larger. With glass-front cabinets, you will allow for pops of color and seasonal décor to easily be displayed.

Glass-front cabinets should be an accent to your kitchen. Having a mix of solid cabinets and glass-front cabinets will create a luxurious aesthetic without overwhelming the senses.

Kitchen remodelers can also get creative with the styles of glass used. Different glass types like reeded glass, water glass, or plain glass can help create a unique style for your kitchen.

Glass-front cabinets have been a favorite for interior designers to create a timeless and luxurious space.

If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, we’d love to connect and learn more about your remodel goals!

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