3 Cabinet Design Trends for your Next Kitchen Remodel

With everyone spending a little more time at home in recent years, homeowners are jumping at the chance to mix things up at home with a good ol’ fashioned remodel. Before you start making kitchen remodel plans, check out these 3 cabinet design tips praised by interior designers:

  1. Soft-Close Hinges

Soft-close hinges have become a sought-after luxury for many homeowners. With kitchen cabinets being opened and closed frequently every day, soft-close hinges will protect your kitchen cabinets from damage and create a more relaxing kitchen experience.

  1. Glass-Front Cabinets

Homeowners more than ever before are wanting to show off their luxury kitchen appliances and products. Glass-front cabinets offer homeowners a way to keep their kitchens organized and proudly display their belongings.

  1. Blue Cabinets

In 2022, minimalism is out and maximalism is in! People are taking every chance they get to add big splashes of color to their homes. Blue has been an extremely popular kitchen color this year as blues create a relaxing environment and go great with most countertops and appliances.

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