Simple answer! Dovetail drawers are more functional, more visually appealing, and have been shown to hold up a lot longer. Especially in kitchens, bathrooms, and closets, where a drawer is pulled out and pushed in over and over many times per day this does make a difference. Dovetails also slide in and out relatively easily which makes the wear and tear a lot less. While all drawers are “box” styles, having the same type of construction (that of a box), the dovetails differ in functionality and sturdiness due to the joints that are used. Interlocking joints are the secret to the resilience. They are also usually made of wood as compared to other materials. Anyone who has experienced the frustration of pulling out a drawer only to have a side fall OFF in their hands do turn to dovetails many times when seeking a replacement. While wood glue and sometimes screws can keep a standard drawer temporarily in place when disaster strikes, this is only a temporary measure at best Especially in kitchens, where most individuals spend a lot of time, drawers that are only partially functional or downright unsightly do make consumers frustrated.

Because of the strength that this type of interlocking provides they slide and move more quickly and with less friction and withstand wear and tear much better. Since they also are made of wood, with many being birchwood the stability of the entire drawer is itself greater. PVC and other materials can be used in standard drawers and while these may look remarkably “like wood” they are not, and do not have the strength or stability. While many individuals do choose the standard drawer style for cost-effectiveness, in a kitchen, bathroom, or closet, where a drawer is constantly pulled open and then closed, it is only a matter of time before a standard box drawer falls apart. Dovetails also are glued more thoroughly as they have bottom layer components with greater surface. This leads to a greater amount of gluing surface. Standard box drawers cannot take advantage of the usage of dovetail joints as the base of the drawer is simply not made for installation of dovetail joints.

Pulling and pushing a drawer closed several times each day does lead to the eventual destruction of the drawer. Dovetail drawers, unlike standard, because of the difference in interlocking technology and the difference in joints, open more fluidly, and best of all, can slide closed effortlessly with just a gentle push. The construction of all the components makes this possible. Dovetails do resemble a huge jigsaw puzzle in their structure, with many interlocking cuts and pieces that fit together perfectly. A standard drawer must be many times pushed closed entirely, while a dovetail will just need a nudge or two and then slide back into a completed closing. These soft closures are most astounding. While all drawers have three components, the front (or face), the sides, and the box (compartment in which the goods are stored), many consumers when purchasing drawers look specifically long and hard at only the face of the drawer. The reality is that all components should be examined and although a dovetail can be more expensive, consider the lifespan.

Any homeowner should be able to find a style that matches their décor as completely as a standard box drawer. If in doubt about what type of drawer you are viewing, it is important to remove the drawer before purchase and examine all aspects of it. A dovetail drawer will have significantly more cuts and grooves that interlock. The true sign of a dovetail is the amount of craftsmanship put into the components of the drawers from the face, to the box, to the sides, and of course the joints. Dovetail joints are the major reasons consumers purchase this style of drawer, as well as the materials, the glue surface, and the wood that is used for construction. All these features enhance the sturdiness. Attractive styles of dovetails are as boundless as standard drawers. Cost effectiveness DOES occur as dovetails because of longer lifespan.

Dovetails tend to have deeper and wider drawer boxes, allowing for more storage space. While separators can be used in either style to keep things organized, more space allows for more separators. Digging through countless drawers for what is needed can be eliminated with a dovetail style. If your drawers are not living up to your needs, or have become old, broken, worn down or dingy and you are seeking a great replacement that will outlast your previous standard box drawers, a dovetail drawer may be the answer to all your storage needs.